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10 Fun Facts of Pet Care

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10 fun facts of Pet Care for a stress free pet and you! Pet Care is serious business, but so much fun. There’s a serious side to pet care because you are caring for a life. But who said serious and silly cannot co exist? If these fun facts about pet care inspire you to start your own pet service in sunny California, setting up a legal structure is an important first step. Learning how to start an llc in California can help ensure your business begins on a solid legal foundation.

  1. Don’t Buy – adopt- rescue- re home.
  2. Personality not looks!
  3. Size matters
  4. Exotic is not everything
  5. Dogs are as smart as human infant(in some cases smarter)
  6. Pets need patience, if you don’t have any, don’t get one
  7. Are you a senior person?
  8. Kittens and puppies grow in size not ability
  9. Pet Care can be pricey
  10. It’s the long haul

Hundreds of unsuspecting newbie pet owners are duped by breeders. They prey on you, they can spot you a mile away. For all the “Adopt Don’t Shop” slogans, no one really told you what to look for did they? Be wary of the affordable pup or kitten when a breeder does not introduce you to the mother. Bargain hunting for pets is the same as bargain hunting for cars- you’re never going to buy a Ferrari at the price of a Honda, so don’t try. Get the Honda, at least you know it’s in good shape. A look like is never the real thing. Dog and cat look a likes are the Ferrari you buy for the price of a Honda! Only this Ferrari is not metal and rubber parts, it’s flesh and bone and fluff!

Personality not looks!
Pet care and people care is not about image. Sure they look super on the outside. But when the insides are compromised, you’re in trouble! How will know when the scaffolding is about to fall apart? Unless you have X ray vision its impossible. People who look shiny and new, may tarnish easily and wear out even faster. A successful relationship is built on soul not shimmer.

Size Matters
Big dogs, big space, pretty logical no rocket science here. Now, if you have a pet and have to downsize your home, undoubtedly your pet stays with you. But if you are ‘looking to add a pet to our family’ please consider how much space you have to share with your new pet.

Keep it local, keep it simple
All imports are not exotic! Some people and pets, are best left in their country of origin! Like the expat who moves to the “exotic east” to realise life is not a beach on a post card! The wrong animal in the wrong climate is a disaster waiting to happen! Popular breeds improperly bred like the brachy who models for this article cover is a long term investment in veterinary care. Social media stars and real life difficulties of a breed are a topic we will cover in another article. The popularity of breeds are severely impacting their welfare.
brown puppy in shelter
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Dogs are as smart as human infant(in some cases smarter)
Cats and Dogs are not substitute for or practice babies. There are marvellous technologies to mimic infant behaviours. Here’s an experiment set your smart phone alarm (with a crying baby tone) to wake you every few hours. The alarm mimics feeding, cleaning, burping, changing- now you know how much care a human or animal n infant demands. Don’t learn on an animal only to give it away when you have the real thing. Because, you know ‘allergies’ or ‘doctors advise’ Take an anti histamine, find a new doctor! Don’t use an excuse to get rid of your pets prepare from the start.

Pets need patience, if you don’t have any, don’t get one
Pet care is a test of patience. Like your kids (the human one’s) test your limits, pets do the same. How many of you are tempted to keep the 4 legged and part with the 2 legged? They’ll out grow it -if you know how to help them. A mature approach which means you are not always the best friend or good guy helps pets and kids mature into pleasant beings not entitled brats.

senior dog with senior citizen at the beach
Photo by gaspar zaldo from Pexels
Are you a senior person? Get a senior pet.
Why? You have finite energy, good news so does a senior pet! And then there’s those pesky laws of nature, unless you have solid plan B, you want your pet to cross the rainbow bridge before you do!

Kittens and puppies grow in size not ability
These are the kids that NEVER grow up. They will never bathe, clothe, or fend for themselves. This is the child that never leaves home, goes to camp, college, or away for the weekend. If you plan to live your life for yourself on your terms. Do it without a pet.

Pet Care can be pricey
Pets eat as they grow, like your kids, as bodies grow they need sustenance- otherwise known as food. That cuddly teddy bear St Bernard, yeah, he’ll eat his way though your kitchen and wallet. So here’s where we connect Size Matters, to Pets can be Pricey. If your plan to feed your gentle giant include bags of kibble examine that in human terms- Would you feeding yourself or your kids junk food or the rest of your lives? It may be cheap in the short run pricey in the long. Processed foods are junk foods in disguise.

It’s the long haul
The real long haul. This is the real deal ’till death do us part’.


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