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Dog Adventures on wheels

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After being rescued, rehabilitated and now mobile on her wheelchair, she loves to explore.

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They enjoy discovering new scents and scenery.

Physically disabled animals need more than physical stimulation of nerves and muscles. Mental stimulation and activity for a patient (human or animal) is as vital as attending to their physical needs.

Once the body and mind are able to connect again through co ordination of thought and movement, healing is quicker.

Her confidence comes from 3 pillars of care

1. Care givers
2. Canine pack
3. Supportive medical care and equipment

Care givers for injured and rehabilitating animals

We often think of care givers (veterinarians, nurses, technicians) as mechanically carrying out their duties. They are in fact your rescue animal or pets first line of defence. Giving them not only physical support but mental strength to work hard at recovery. And recovery is hard work.

Why the canine pack matters

Dogs are non verbal but with a powerful ability to communicate. While as human beings we have become completely dependant on speech. Our innate ability of non verbal communication is never encouraged. And it is often hard for us to realise the importance of animals being given the opportunity to be among their own species. Without constant human interference. It will come as no surprise to those of you who work in vet hospitals and practices of the power of positive interactions among animals.

Supportive medical care and equipment

we have a silly phrase or explanation for customers and individuals who take exception to the cost of a rehabilitative aid or device. “Would you make yourself a walking stick out of a Lego set? or would you go to a dedicated manufacturer of walking sticks?” The person at the other end of this conversation has two reactions, agreement and a chuckle. This is consistent. And it is so, because they know this to be true.

We acknowledge DIY devices are marvels of human innovation and determination, they have their limits. And if we do not recognise that we will cannot achieve what this lovely girl in the video shows us. Solid support in every shape and form is invaluable to get a patient back on their feet and enjoying life.


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