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Rescue center- Clicks for Canines or Fund a Feline – we work with you to give back. Oliver began with a goal to bring India’s pets the best available equipment. 5 years into our journey with your support we’re able to extend that to our shelter and rescue community. Pets are family, we cherish and pamper them, but every cat and dog homeless or owned deserve the same.

Volunteering in person or via your purse are invaluable

Monetary aid to a rescue center is as vital as in person help. The animals need your time and the people need your contributions. Rescue centers and shelters live day to day, and donor to donor.

Your contribution via Clicks for Canines is not armchair charity- it is an opportunity to give stray and rescue animals access to aids and devices accessible only to pets. Many rescues are from unspeakable abuse or living conditions. The remainder of their lives no matter how long or short deserve to be pain free and comfortable.

It’s not all about Flight buddies & translocating animals which come with their own set of uncertainties. If you’re visiting us from across the globe and would like to sponsor a product or device for one of the residents of our shelters- we’re here to do just that!

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A paralysed or semi paralysed dog or cat with a walking aid often works harder to recover because they have confidence. A quicker recovery, or moving on from the shelter to a foster or forever home means there is space for the next animal. Harnesses, splints, blind dog aids all contribute to healthier patients. An investment toward patient health and recovery is an investment in the future of a shelter. A quicker “turn around” time means more animals are able to receive help.

paralysed cat

How does an aid help the rescue centre?

It saves them time and money. Both of which are precious. The time it saves on the care of a single animal is time dedicated to the care of animals and patients in the shelter. Money is saved because medical conditions (such as paralyses) can lead to a host of injuries and medical conditions. Paralysed dogs and cats suffer from scrapped skin, sores and eventually open painful wounds. The paralysis in such cases becomes secondary to the daily needs of treatment and care.

Elvis, has progressed from dragging himself around, to zoomies on his wheels. He’s a spirited cat with who is looking for a forever home. Yes, he comes with his wheels!

How does it work?

We pick, Pack and Ship.
Clicks for Canines and Fund a Feline are a simple no hassle way for you to ensure your chosen shelter or rescue center offers their patients quality medical aids.

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