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Let Dogs Be Dogs

Pit bull dog mix

Let dogs be dogs. They are not baby substitutes, mini mes, or 4 legged humans. Dress up is for dolls, birthday parties are for kids. When they are free you’ll see positive changes in behaviour.

We hate to break it to you- canines are a different species. They like mud, to wallow in, off leash time to run and play. When they run free the results are visible.
Our volunteers, Bozo and Bianca humoured us to star in the happy muddy dogs video.

Bozo, yeah he’s the black bullet, enjoys asserting his authority! He’s the guy at the party who likes to well… make a splash!

Bianca demure damsel dog. She likes her space. Content to let the splasher have his moment and retire to a quiet mud puddle.

Bozo and Bianca

It is critical for them to have off leash time. They need to socialise with their species to learn etiquette dos and dont’s. It helps them to stay in touch with dog manners. You are your dogs pack, and one member of the family by default becomes pack leader. It is so important for us to constantly remind ourselves that canines are not little people. The characteristics of a dog and intuitive canine behaviours do not change because we bake cakes for them and make them don party hats!

Watch Bozo and Bianca interact in the pond. He’s the lively splash about making all the noise and waves. She watches and does not want to get involved in hooliganism so she steps back. Bianca waits for Bozo to have his moment and then takes a seat to cool off. There is no hint of confrontation from Bianca she waits her turn, she’s an example of a puppy sitter, you’d want her to help you raise a puppy. Bianca has all the traits of a successful puppy raiser- Patient, intuitive and gentle.

The great mistake that people seem to make about animals is this: they fancy that they must be frightened into obedience, and kept from disobeying their masters by being made afraid of punishment. I dare say that animals like human beings, often need correction; but two things are necessary to make such correction useful. One is, not to punish them too severely, which only hardens them in rebellion; the other is never to hurt them at all except for a real fault- something that they know to be a fault, and know that they will be punished for doing.

Kindness to Animals, Charlotte Elizabeth, 1845

A Victorian authors insight, relevant today, give your kids a copy of this book. It’s a wonderful journey into the mind of a lady who through her faith recognised the equality of all living beings. They’re likely to mature into the next set of volunteers who wander into the shelter and help Bozo and Bianca enjoy another frolic in sun!


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