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                                                                                Please mark your email as “Adoption Enquiry”
Before you adopt- here are some questions you should be able to answer
1. Can you invest time towards the care of the pet?
2. Do you intend to move?
3. Are you getting a pet only because your children want one?

4. Is this your first pet?

Your local rescue center or shelter near you is the best place to begin when adding a pet to your family. Especially for dogs, it gives you the opportunity to visit and you and the dog to become familiar with one another. Shelter staff and volunteers are store houses of information about your potential pet- ask their advice and you will find transitioning your dog to his/her new home much easier. There are challenges to adopting a dog, however, the benefits of adopting a dog outweigh the adjustment period. Ask any owner of rescued dog and they will attest to the unbreakable bond they share with their dog!

                                                  When you adopt from a shelter you create space for another deserving animal and their second chance! 


1. Oliver Pet Care is not responsible for the outcome of an adoption.
2. All adoptions and procedures are at the discretion of the shelter/NGO you contact.
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