Why do your pets and companion animals need Oliver for dog and cat rehabilitation products?

What will you find in our pet store? 

We fix pets- dogs, cats, goats and bunnies! Our products cover and help a wide range of domestic animals.  India’s animals have access to professionally crafted products. Which means the wheelchairs, knee braces, elbow supports, harnesses and splints are all approved by veterinarians. All ready to use medical aids. Always consult with your veterinarian to know what is the best device for your cat or dog. Because pets are like people, each one has a different need and ailment.
We’re pleased to represent Handicapped Pets Wheelchairs, splints, dog lift harnesses and a range of veterinary rehabilitation products in India.

Where can I get cheaper wheelchairs and pet products? 

It won’t be difficult to find cheaper products! A simple Google search will lead you to many options. Cheaper than what you will find with us.
So why choose these products? Let us explain why, if you need a walking stick are you going to buy a proper walking stick from the store or pick up the longest piece of wood you can find and use it? Not really, you’ll buy a walking stick which a doctor or physiotherapist suggests. You will use this for a quick and lasting recovery. For those who ask what about our community dogs and rescue centers? We have not forgotten them, visit our rescue center resource

As official distributors of Orto Canis,we have dog knee braces, lift harnesses, dog socks as we grow our range of veterinary aids and rehabilitation products. Balto hip dysplasia harnesses, elbow protectors and easy to use collars for post surgical procedures. These products are professionally designed to help your pets rehabilitate and recover. In the case of senior or older pets, we’re here to help you keep them mobile and comfortable.

Pet vacations and travel are now common so make sure your pets are safe. The Tractive GPS Pet tracker gives you 24 hour access to your pets. India’s only global pet tracker is Tractive GPS, available exclusively with Oliver Pet Care. Ask us about Renting a GPS tracker. 

We care for your cat or dog when they visit the vet. Make sure they never share pet feeding bowls, we cannot stress how important this to avoid the risk of infection to your cat or dog. Ask your veterinarian to make available a no share options of dog & cat bowls.Tell your boarding facility to use them,  do you know if feeding and water bowls are being cleaned to perfection?  No, you do not, you may have remote visual access, you do not have remote access to supervise cleaning.

Introducing one of India’s first vegan dog foods. Ready to serve, planet and dog friendly pet food . These options are not suggested as a replacement but for us as pet families to consider our responsibility to the planet as we live through the effects of climate change in real time.

India’s pet population of 2 million pets need new products. We’re dedicated to pets and their safety. So, we have the world’s best GPS tracker for pets. The volume of missing dogs is shocking, to keep you connected, get the Tractive GPS Real Time Tracker. Technology  helps us lead connected productive daily lives, we’ve extended that to your pet. Stolen and lost dogs are now easy to locate and track in real time. Facebook and What’s App are great tools to use if your pet goes missing. However, they are not instant, the Tractive app on your phone, keeps you in charge of your pet 24 hours a day.


We fix pets- dogs, cats and whoever comes our way! India’s pets have access to professionally crafted products. Your pets deserve the best the modern world has to offer. So our products are pet approved and people tested! As pets age they need our support. You need to rely on support aids like dog harnesses and mobility products. Veterinary clinics and offices rely on splints, knee braces, hock braces, and wheelchairs to help patients recover. Our pets are keeping pace with us as human life expectancy rises; our 4-legged family members now live longer lives and it is our duty to help them grow old comfortably.  Veterinary approved and designed products for your senior and recovering animals. Speak to your veterinary clinic to know which aid will help your senior cat or dog. We’re here to answer your questions and help, but the individual needs of a patient only the attending vet can assess.
Look for Oliver tips on our products and pages. They’re not expert or medical advice, but they are the result of readings, research and continuing education. For new and experienced pet parents and owners. If you’d like to share a tip with us write to us we’d like to hear from you.