Oliver brings technology to your 21st century pet. We’ll equip you with practical inventive products, if we don’t have it, talk to us and we’ll work with you to find a solution. Oliver products are about utility and safety/health monitoring systems. Our pet shop  has everyday pet needs. For veterinarians & the traveling pet parent check out our eco friendly no share options of dog & cat bowls.  India’s estimated pet population of 2 million pets need these products. We’ve hunted the market for GPS trackers, activity monitors, Oliver is dedicated to the Indian pet and its safety. We’re here to ensure your animal is conveniently connected to its family. Technology now helps us lead connected productive daily lives, why not extend that to our pets?
Our services include pet photography & Craniosacral Therapy for pets in Mumbai. Therapy for your pets is available at Oliver Pet Care, Lower Parel, Mumbai.


Oliver was a pre technology pet and he inspired a vision, to make available to all pets, who are a part of our lives and families have the best the modern world has to offer them. So our products are pet approved and people tested! Our pets are keeping pace with us as human life expectancy rises; our 4-legged family members are living longer lives. Oliver is dedicated to making life happier and easier for you and your pet.

Look for Oliver tips on our products and pages. They’re not expert or medical advice, but they are common sense and real life experiences that Oliver would want to share with new and experienced pet parents. If you’d like to share a tip with us write to us we’d like to hear from you.