We’re a pet shop near you, with products that help you feed, bathe and walk your pets. Travelling with our pets is now common so we’ve got eco friendly disposable dog and cat bowls. When you take your cat or dog to the vet, make sure they never share bowls, we cannot stress how important this to avoid the risk of infection to your cat or dog. Ask your veterinarian for a no share options of dog & cat bowls. Ask your boarding facility to use them,  do you know if feeding and water bowls are being cleaned to perfection?  No, you do not, you may have remote visual access, you do not have remote access to supervise cleaning.
India’s estimated pet population of 2 million pets need new products. Oliver is dedicated to the Indian pet and its safety. So, we have the world’s best GPS tracker for pets. The volume of missing dogs is shocking, to keep you connected, get the Tractive GPS Real Time Tracker. Technology  helps us lead connected productive daily lives, we’ve extended that to your pet. Stolen and lost dogs are now easy to locate and track in real time. Facebook and What’s App are great tools to use if your pet goes missing. However, they are not instant, the Tractive app on your phone, keeps you in charge of your pet 24 hours a day.
Our services include pet photography & Craniosacral Therapy for pets in Mumbai. Therapy for your pets is available at Oliver Pet Care, Lower Parel, Mumbai.


Oliver was a pre technology pet and inspired a vision, to make available to all pets, the best the modern world has to offer. So our products are pet approved and people tested! Our pets are keeping pace with us as human life expectancy rises; our 4-legged family members are living longer lives. Oliver is dedicated to making life happier and easier for pet and pet parent.

Look for Oliver tips on our products and pages. They’re not expert or medical advice, but they are common sense and real life experiences that Oliver shares with new and experienced pet parents. If you’d like to share a tip with us write to us we’d like to hear from you.