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4 Easy DIY Traction for your Dog

4 Easy to implement (DIY) ‘traction’ in your home

1. Rubber matting, or interlocking rubber tiles. Yoga Mats are great easy to carry and move surfaces which help your senior dog or puppy.

2. Cork may be an option you want to investigate. If it is available cork is an easier surface for your dog to walk on.

3. Carpets can provide a better walking surface, however, are not the easiest to keep clean (especially for puppies or senior dogs). Accidents are inevitable and keeping a carpet clean and infection free in a hot humid climate is near impossible. 

4. Toe grips are available from a number of sources. A toe grip essentially helps your dog grip the floor when they walk. The rubber device is fixed on your dogs nail to help them achieve a grip on the floor.
DIY yoga mat traction for your dog

Easy to find and clean a yoga mat offers traction and the added advantage of portability! It’s easy, cheap and virtually infection free. As a pet owner and family, we often need quick easy to implement tips!

These 4 tips are on the go ideas, long term solutions for traction in your home as well as medical attention your dog may need are crucial. But before you dive in, get the basics done. It’s an external add on, so even if your dog does not take to it- no harm done.

If you find yourself with an excess of yoga mats, head over to the nearest shelter and donate! They’re always happy to use them for senior residents and injured dogs.

Thanks for reading and write to us and share your tips for senior dogs as well as puppies.


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