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5 Facts of the Indian Pariah Dog

indian pariah dog 5 facts

The Indian Pariah Dog, also known as the Indian Native Dog or InDog, is a landrace of domestic dog found in the Indian subcontinent. Here are 5facts about the Indian Pariah Dog:

Ancient Heritage

The Indian Pariah Dog is believed to be one of the oldest and most primitive dog breeds in the world. It’s lineage dates back thousands of years. And its appearance and characteristics are thought to resemble the earliest dogs that lived alongside humans.


Indian Pariah Dogs are remarkable for their adaptability to diverse environments. They have evolved to thrive in various climates and terrains across the Indian subcontinent. These dogs are present in rural and urban areas, displaying resilience to different living conditions.


Appearance: Indian Pariah Dogs come in a variety of coat colors, including brown, black, fawn, and white. They usually have a short, smooth coat and erect ears.

Size: They are typically of medium size, with a well-proportioned build.

Eyes and Tail: Their eyes are almond-shaped, and the tail is often curled.

Temperament: They are known for their intelligence, alertness, and loyalty. They make good guard dogs and can be affectionate and friendly with their families.

Health and Longevity

Indian Pariah Dogs are known for their robust health and longevity. Their natural adaptation and lack of selective breeding have contributed to their overall hardiness. These dogs often exhibit fewer health issues compared to some purebred dogs.

Conservation Status

Despite being a part of India’s cultural and historical landscape, the Indian Pariah Dog faces challenges due to urbanization. These include an increasing population, and a preference for imported or specific breeds. Efforts are being made by animal welfare organizations and enthusiasts to raise awareness about the breed. They promote responsible ownership to prevent the decline of the Indian Pariah Dog population.

It’s important to note that while these generalizations apply to the breed as a whole, individual dogs vary in temperament and appearance. Adopting or fostering Indian Pariah Dogs can contribute to their well-being and conservation.

An Integral Part of the Landscape

They are an integral part of the Indian urban and rural landscape. From bustling cities to remote villages every community has a beloved community dog- the Indian Pariah.

As an adaptable mostly friendly and protective breed they continue to enjoy a cult like status in the dog community. Whilst also garnering in equal measure support and opposition. Known by various names from Streeties, community dogs, ‘gully kutta’* to Indies, they are firmly placed in the history and present of the Indian sub continent. These quick 5 facts of the Indian Pariah dog do not cover the immense history or significance of their role in society.

*a term in colloquial Hindi used to refer to a community or dog which resides on a particular street.


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