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Animal Activists

animal activism

Animal activists or activism should be ‘obsolete’ in our technologically advanced reality.
Why do animals need ‘activists’?
When schools step up do you think the need for activism would disappear?

Animal activists and why are they needed. What do they do and how can society help young adults

Activists (well most of them!) are not “anti people” they’re pro awareness. Radicalising them is a tactic not the truth.

Once we label a truth radical, or activism it conveniently places it outside ‘normal standards.’ Living beings, animal or human who do not have a voice or power to speak for themselves must be a priority. Teaching children to share on a playground and play fair is training for real life. So, once they get out into the world and find the lessons learned in school maybe selectively applied we confuse a rational informed mind.

A young person’s first interaction with animals is usually with domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Either the animal is a pet or belongs to a friend or relative. So many who go on to advocate for animal welfare, it is the memory of a first beloved pet, or interaction which propels them. We’re living in a digital age which allows information at our fingertips, so the rise of awareness is inevitable.

Physical schools and walls are a fleeting part of the education ecosystem which is available to so many so easily. Therefore the move to radicalise advocacy for animals will only fuel them faster. Educators will have to keep up with students who will sooner rather than later begin to question the glaring voids in instruction.


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