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Dog University- How to teach Kids about Dogs

dog lesson plans
Dog University is a lesson plan for you. Whether you are a teacher, stay at home mom looking for ideas or own and run a day care center. Nothing brightens a child’s day like a day out with dogs!

You’re probably asking why after hundreds of years of dogs as pets, farm animals and companions do we need to ‘learn’ about dogs? The human dog relationship has transformed from owner – dog to pet parent- dog. This change may seem unnatural to the ‘old school.’ It is a reality for which we must prepare our children.

Meet a Dog sounds like a no brainer to the average person who has spent a lifetime with dogs. A first meeting which is positive is the foundation for a child to establish a healthy lifelong relationship with dogs

4 legged family members and canine kids are now more than marketing terms. There is a generation of millenias whom according to statistics are delaying having babies to keep pets. These pets have become their stepping stones to human children.

All the while it is vital to remember that once you put a dress or a suit on a dog, it does not behave like a mini human. It is still an animal who and must be approached and cared for as an animal. no matter the term you choose to address it. Dog University was born out after being witnessing a shocking lack of basic knowledge dog owners have about the animal in their homes.
dog behaviour and children

There are no bad dogs – only bad human behaviour – is a statement with limitations. Many incidents may be attributed to human fault or error- but not all.
It is vital for a child’s and dog’s safety wrong behaviour from child and dog are corrected immediately.

First time pet owners are like first time parents. Apprehensive, they want to do right by their children, a natural instinct. However, in the case of the pet parent and their fur child, yes this is a term. There is a species cross over, and many are wilful in their rejection of the fact that a dog is not a child.

Dog University is now an essential in the arsenal in your child’s (human) education. Because it makes for a better informed adult. We’re the last generation- Generation X -who played in the mud. Ran free with dogs and called them dogs. We were taught to respect dogs who were beloved members of our family but at that time did not wear dresses!

Google and Facebook take on the rolls of search engines and social platforms. Both offer a wealth of information- but you must sift through it. Recognise the good from the bad and the safe from the dangerous. We’ve done that for you and Dog University is the outcome of experience as well as research.

Dog University is to help our kids recognise the difference between dogs and human beings. Each species to be treated with respect, and according to its needs. The dog owners and caretakers of tomorrow will be informed balanced citizens.

Your lesson plan with daily activities and suggestions are included in your Dog University for Kids.

Cover Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio


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