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Qualities of a Competent Dog Trainer for Online Training Courses: 2023 Guide

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We are passionate about teaching dog owners new things and equally passionate about learning from them. Our love for spending time with our pets encourages dog owners to seize every opportunity to spend quality time with their beloved animals. As the bond between a dog and its owner strengthens, witnessing this growth is always a thrilling experience. 

At the core of our dog training philosophy are four fundamental principles: simplicity, moderation, balance, and awareness of the training process. These principles shape our interactions with animals and guide our study of dog breeds, dog behavior, dog body language, the connection between dogs and humans, as well as the reactions of both people and dogs.

The internet offers a wealth of information on various dog training programs, ranging from excellent to average. However, with the abundance of online dog training courses available, it is crucial to identify the key qualities that make a competent dog trainer. 

In this guide, we will explore the essential attributes to look for when selecting best online dog training courses (we highly recommend), ensuring that you and your furry companion receive the best possible training experience.

New and Improved Methods

When a trainer uses spike collars, choke chains, and electric collars too much, it’s a sign that they are not good at what they do.

He might even try to hit the dog or scare it away. Instead, they should offer gentle ways to give the dog small rewards over time. 

Good behaviours should be praised, and with his help, bad ones can be changed and managed.

encourage good dog trainers

Competence Is Key

Training your pet is a hard job because you need to know much about animals. That can only be learned in an organized educational program at a reputable school or with the help of an instructor who is an expert in counselling and training animals.

Appropriate Course Outline for Success

Animal trainers are like teachers in developing lesson plans to teach the animals they care for. After giving your dog a complete check-up, the teacher will design an appropriate course outline for you.

The pet owners need to know what strategy was used and what results were achieved. The plan of action needs to be both open and effective.

First Impressions

A skilled trainer will always talk to the dog’s owners about how it acts in the different places it goes. A dog trainer who has been trained has the skills needed to do a good job.

If a teacher can’t determine how good your pet could be, he’s not a good fit for the job.

Enables You to Participate

A skilled trainer will ensure they can teach your companion animal while it is in the same room as you.

When the owners are away, training a pet’s not a good idea. On the other hand, dog owners should watch the training to learn tips they can use with their dogs or other pets.

Kindness and Endurance

Each dog is different and has its attitude and set of skills. To be successful, a trainer needs to be gentle and tolerant with a dog that learns slowly.

Trainers must be ready to say things until the dog knows what they want repeatedly. Even though it might be hard, a good teacher will keep their cool and keep trying to work with an aggressive dog.

Additional Instructions

sit stay come commands

When it comes to training a dog, the commands “Sit,” “Down,” and “Stand” are just the beginning. In addition to that, a dog needs to have the appropriate obedience training.

Therefore, the trainer must demonstrate the consequences of the actions he took.

Sense of Humor

Are you kidding me? Each of these lessons is so dull. Students will remember more of what they learn if it is given in a funny way, which will also make the class more fun.

This is true not only for people but also for pets. The dog can feel good energy. If the teacher is always mean to the dog, it could hurt their sense of self-worth.

Authentic and Trustable Feedback

It is simple to give bad examples. There is a chance that the trainer or the teacher’s family and friends wrote false recommendations about him.

You will worry less if the teacher gives you happy customers’ names, phone numbers, and emails. You should review the reviews to determine if clients liked the teacher or training programme. 

It’s common for search engines to collect user reviews of dog trainers and give each teacher a star rating based on the reviews as a whole.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you want to train your dog.


Choosing to train your dog is a great choice. This is a significant change for your dog, and it will take a long time to get used to. It’s wise to spend money on dog training classes.

When choosing a dog trainer, you and your pet can’t afford to make the wrong choice. These qualities of a good dog teacher can help you choose the right person to teach your dog new things. Best wishes!


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