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Animal Alert

animal alert app for disasters

Animal Alert, is the work two young scientists, with a love of animals and a will to help the world. The Cadena Foundation is holding a global competition among schools to submit innovative ideas to deal with natural disasters. We’re eager to track Animal Alert’s progress with a chance to represent India at the competition in Mexico.

Anna and Arati intend to track unusual or irregular behaviour in animal activity through an app and website. The tracking is a means to warn communities of an approaching natural disaster.

We are delighted to share their initiative and encourage A & A to build on this vital concept. They are on a path to build on a globally and historically recognised phenomenon of the animal kingdoms “sixth sense”.

“Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder, who died when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE, reported that birds become restless before earthquakes. In modern times, too, we’ve seen time and again animals behaving strangely before natural disasters – and such diverse species as elephants, dogs, snakes, toads, fish, bees and even ants.”

Text: Elke Maier
The importance of warning systems like Animal Alert and their success at saving animal and human lives cannot be overstated. Disaster management crews may respond quicker to a situation, with a lower casualty rate. They risk their lives to save ours, Animal Alert is a technology, with an added benefit, it keep’s disaster management crews safer.

2 thoughts on “Animal Alert

  1. Benjamin says:

    Impressive! Pliny the Elder would have been proud and so am I.

  2. Pete says:

    This is fantastic! So good to see young people using tech for more than social media!

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