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Buy a Pet Online Checklist

chocolate labrador puppy
Buying a Pet online is a gamble. Imagine investing in a company you’ve never heard of, seen the CEO or read a balance sheet. Would you invest your hard earned money, invest your time and emotional well being to an unknown?
We’re not here to discourage you bringing a pet into your family, we’re here to make the experience better for you and your pet.

Buy a pet online checklist is to help you and your family sit down and answer a few questions. Every new pet parent needs to know how they are going to care for the . The list is not exhaustive our intention is to get you to think.

Think about the emotional investment- especially is you have kids. They will become attached to pets faster than you realise. If you buy a pet from a breeder who is out to make a profit the puppy or kitten is usually in poor health. Many pups and kittens need urgent veterinary care because they are taken from their mothers prematurely. A lack of proper nutrition affects their immune system. In addition they develop behavioural problems.

Go through the form, there are no right and wrong answers!


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