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Buy a Pet Online Checklist

chocolate labrador puppy
Buying a Pet online is a gamble. Imagine investing in a company you’ve never heard of, seen the CEO or read a balance sheet. Would you invest your hard earned money, invest your time and emotional well being to an unknown?
We’re not here to discourage you bringing a pet into your family, we’re here to make the experience better for you and your pet.

Buy a pet online checklist is to help you and your family sit down and answer a few questions. Every new pet parent needs to know how they are going to care for the . The list is not exhaustive our intention is to get you to think.

Think about the emotional investment- especially is you have kids. They will become attached to pets faster than you realise. If you buy a pet from a breeder who is out to make a profit the puppy or kitten is usually in poor health. Many pups and kittens need urgent veterinary care because they are taken from their mothers prematurely. A lack of proper nutrition affects their immune system. In addition they develop behavioural problems.

Go through the form, there are no right and wrong answers!


6 thoughts on “Buy a Pet Online Checklist

    1. Oliver says:

      Please adopt a puppy instead of buying, your local shelter is the best place to start interacting with dogs.

    2. Vaishnavi Saini says:

      I only want to adopt a puppy but i dont have that much of money as i am of 16.😔

      1. Oliver says:

        Adopting a puppy sounds like a lot of fun, until the puppy is in your home and the work begins. Please volunteer, if you are trying to raise and care for a puppy on a student budget, it is impossible to do. Volunteer at a local dog shelter, they will be happy to have your help and you will get the opportunity to spend time with dogs!!

  1. Vaishnavi Saini says:

    I want to adopt a puppy from 3rd class but due to money problem till yet i am not able to buy it 😔😳and now i am in 12th.

    1. Oliver says:

      It’s great that you want to adopt a puppy, it is hard work, and a commitment for at least 10 years of the dogs life.
      It would help if you to start volunteering at your closest dog shelter to being learning how to interact safely with dogs. That will help you decide if you and your family can keep a puppy (which will grow quickly) in your home.

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