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In an Emergency

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climate change emergency measures for pets
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In an Emergency, which are now are “new normal” stay prepared. If you have an emergency kit ready to go for you and your pet, you save valuable time. If you can make and donate kits. Your pets are completely dependent on you in an evacuation.

Emergencies spring up on families at the most inopportune times. At times like that your safety net- physical, mental and financial are crucial. A comprehensive pet coverage will come in more handy than you can imagine. Because no pet owner ever wants to be in the position of refusing treatment to their pets based on costs. Be prepared for any contingency so you are available emotionally and mentally for your pets. A well researched resource on pet insurance can mean the difference between a long and happy life with your pets or a heartbreaking decision.

Present season is upon us! Family members 2 legged and 4 anticipate gifts and surprises as communities across the world celebrate a variety of festivals with their communities. Pets love tearing open a gift as much as we do, but let’s be mindful of what we buy for them. An emergency may be lurking in an innocent looking toy or chew stick. Which means it is important for you to read and research a safe present for Fido.

Staying prepared helps you and your family. The quicker you look after yourself, the quicker you can help your neighbours and community.

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