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Dogs are Magic

Magic and dogs

Dogs are Magic. Go ahead, bring a bit of magic into your life. But as any magician will tell you, magic is some illusion and a lot of hard work. Sure there’s a biology to dogs- a skeletal structure, respiratory system, digestive system and so on and there’s the irresistible charm of a dog which is magic.

Dogs are magical because they transform us, our moods, emotions and reality. They do so effortlessly and with no expectation of reward or return. And that is their magical effect on a human being.

When 2020 hit, human beings turned to magic. Not abstract or entertaining magic, we went for the tangible, hold in your hand, hug before you sleep magic. So, we turned to dogs. And hundreds of dogs young and old, across the globe were adopted, fostered and bought (the worst!).

A magician will tell you that magic, must be fresh, it must entice, and hold the imagination and fascination of the observer. There must be an element of the unknown and surprise. If that is true, maybe cats are the true magicians! But cats are hard for most human beings to figure, as a result of the superior feline intelligence.

Humans are fascinated by canines. They have us spellbound by way of a mutual understanding and non verbal communication which appears to have developed over thousands of years of close association and evolving together.

It is safe to say as a species we’re spellbound by canines. They’ve gone from feral to family in a relatively short period of time. The relationship has progressed from our dependance on canines for protection to companion and now parenting. The last being the most problematic, owing to an uncomfortable blurring of lines.

To obscure the lines of human and animal is where the magical relationship runs into a roadblock. Pet parents take the magic out of dog owning because there’s no surprise in the relationship. It becomes predictable, stale and routine. Expecting canines to fill a human void is asking too much, even from a magician.

Dogs need routine, and structure but not school and smothering. Discipline not doting. These may sound like cliches but are a simple to do list to keep your relationship with your mutt mutually beneficial and happy. Magic after all requires an audiences engagement and interest to be held.

Dog names inspired by the magic of music, entertainment, books, art, history….

dog names for girls

Disclaimer” This is a personal account, just for fun article, no aspect of this is intended to be taken seriously. It is a life times observation of having the privilege of living, loving and working with dogs.

Health note: “Magic mushrooms” (Psilobyce sp) may cause diarrhoea, vocalisation, drooling, increased heart rate (depending on the mushroom ingested).If your dog has ingested them contact your vet immediately. Watch for these signs, this list is by no means exhaustive, your dog can become severely ill.

Cover Photo Credit: Olya Kobruseva


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