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How to Clean a German Shepherd Ears

german shepherd ear care

How to Clean a German Shepherd Ears

According to a canine behaviourist’s study, the German Shepherd is the third most intellectual of the 199 purebred dog breeds.

 If you own a dog, cat or any pet comes responsibilities to their eating, entertainment sources and their grooming schedules.

Talking about dogs, usually they need a bath once in every three months. It varies from one breed to another and type of the dogs. Specifically talking about German Shepherds they don’t need to bathe often due to their double coat. This protects them from any external particles to enter their body. Their erect ears demand frequent cleaning. This is because it is the part of their body which is open and can attract bacteria causing infections. 

German Shepherd Dirty Ears-

Cleaning your dog’s ears is an extremely important part of a dog’s grooming. It isn’t that hard and can’t be a frightening experience, if you read in brief about German Shepherd Care and take a few precautions before attempting it-

  • Check for any symptoms for any infection– Dog’s ears should be checked on a daily basis to detect any signs of infections. Healthy German Shepherd ears are wax clean, pink and healthy. If you see any swelling, or wax near the ears it’s a sign that there is a problem with their ear and needs to be cleaned and looked after immediately. 
  • Use a dog ear cleanser– If you are cleaning your dog’s ear it is necessary to first wash his ear with a cleanser specially made for dogs. Pour in some drops in his ear covering his ear canal and massage gently. While massaging their ears your shepherd may shake his head because of the tickling sensations so be prepared for that. 
  • Never use a cotton swab– After massaging his ears you will have to clean the portion of dirt left in your dog’s ear if there’s any. Ensure that you use a cotton ball or a wash rag and not cotton swabs as it can easily cause problems if it reaches his ear drums and beyond. 
  • Call your veterinarian– If you suspect any problem which seems to not go by cleaning his ears immediately call for your veterinarian. The longer you wait it can trigger the duration and suffering of your dog’s ear such as hearing loss.

Ways to Clean German Shepherds Ears At Home-

Dog ear care at home
  • Lift your dog’s ear, holding it between your thumb and fingers, to obtain a good look inside the ear.
  • It’s usual for a tiny quantity of light-coloured wax to be present.
  • To eliminate dirt, gently clean around the ear’s entrance.
  • Apply a cleansing solution to your ears.
  • To disperse the cleaner throughout the canal, massage the base of your dog’s ear for around 30 seconds.
  • Using the dry cotton round to dry the ear.

German Shepherd Ear Mites-

Ear mites are defined as small parasites who like to live in a dog’s ear. They love to live in humid areas and eat wax, oil and debris found inside a dog’s ear. In a way your dog’s ears are cleaned as the dirt is eaten by these mites however, the twist comes because it can get very itchy for the dog because of the tickling sensations.  

ear mites and german shepherds

To get rid of the ear mites your dog incessantly shakes his head to get some relief. To detect if your shepherd has ear mites or not you should see if your dog does this- 

  • Intense Ear Scratching
  • Continuous Head Shaking
  • Dark Brown Residue around his ears
  • Soreness or redness around ears

To prevent your dog from any more suffering you should check your dog’s ear on a regular basis. Do not wait any longer to call your vet. Professional help will ensure your dog gets rid of the irritation forever. As it will be in treatment for longer periods to ensure this. After the infection treatment you should clean and check your dog’s ear to prevent it from happening again on a daily basis. 

What Does It Look Like When a Dog Has Ear Mites?

To identify if your German Shepherd has ear mites or not, you might have noticed signs of irritation in your dog and in most cases it can probably be ear mites. Ear Mites are extremely small and most of the time don’t meet the human eye but you can easily detect it by the help of a magnifying glass. 

If you don’t have a magnifying glass, while cleaning your shepherd’s ear if you see any white moving creatures they are ear mites who’ve been troubling your dog. Till professional help arrives you can calm and caress your dog because a full inspection ear mite treatment is a long treatment and can make your dog a bit stressed. 

Black Stuff in German Shepherds Ear-

The black stuff in your dog’s ear can be usual dirt or wax buildup from his exploration indoors or outdoors. If you clean his ears regularly and he is still shows signs such as non-top head shaking, constant scratching his ears then he needs help quickly.

If professional help isn’t available certain resources also recommend home remedies which can help in removing the ear mites slowly. 

  • One recipe can be partly water and organic white vinegar
  •  It can be Baby oil as well. If you put a few drops of any solution and massage it, ear mites can go away with time.  

These recipes are based on the resources online for a relief that won’t last that long. Completely depending on these remedies isn’t advised because consultation and taking professional help can avoid mistakes as well. 


Always take your German Shepherd to the veterinarian for a thorough examination and medication. When cleaning their ears, avoid irritating ear remedies like hydrogen peroxide. Do not ignore any unwelcome indications or symptoms that emerge during or after the cleaning of their ears.

Your dog’s ears will stay clean and healthy if you follow these easy procedures. If your pet’s troubles persist even after cleaning his ears two days in a row, take him to the doctor to be checked for ear mites and infections.


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