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Move with your pet

move with your pets

If you ever intend to move, homes, jobs, cities and do not intend to pack up your pets and take them along, do not bring an animal into your life. As the world grows smaller, human beings are moving at an unprecedented pace. This is great for the human beings, what about your “fur babies” a.ka. pets?

To leave a pet behind, or give one away, especially when you have children, teaches the next generation life is disposable. Children learn from actions, instead of telling them parting with a pet is best for the pet. Show them, caring for the pet is best for everyone.

The worst offenders? Families who intend to leave the country. They have prior knowledge of an intent to leave. While working at the local animal hospital, a number of families, came to surrender (abandon) their pet (cat or dog) because their immigration status was approved. Upon inquiry you learn they began the process to leave the country 2 years ago. So, you stand there speechless, as your mind unsuccessfully processes the fact that this family, knew they would abandon their pet- on the day they brought it home.

Relocating a pet is not as easy as the plethora of ‘Pet Relocators’ would have you believe. You see before and after amazing images, of happily delivered pets. We never see in transit photos, or failed re locations. No one wants you to see a frightened pet in a crate, or that confused look on their face. To re locate with your pets is a lot of hard work, and dedication on your part. You must prepare your animal emotionally, mentally and physically for what is probably the most traumatic experience of its life. Prepare yourself for a huge financial burden.
There are a number of experienced reputed companies and individuals, deal with them. Ask around, do your due diligence, they’re carrying precious cargo. Do not be embarrassed to ask tough questions.

Let’s not forget about lizards, rabbits, snakes, birds. . . . and all the ‘exotic pets’ enthusiastically brought home. Animals all animals, finned, carapace, feathered, furred.. depend on you.

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