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Paint your Dog

royal pet portraits

Paint your Dog, is a safe fun way to immortalise them as art for your phone, walls and mantle pieces. Any pet owners phone is a living legacy to their dog. Every position, action and antic is documented with the accuracy and precision of a documentary film maker. Archeologists on digs of Mayan ruins should be such thorough documenters.

Your cell phone’s photo gallery as is ours is an endless scrolling gallery of our pets. Whether they are physically with us or over the rainbow bridge, our dogs are our friends, companions, one true love and go to philosopher. There is a serenity paintings for both creator and viewer. No one but you, your brush and brining your imagination to life.
Now for those of us who have fantastic artistic ambitions, you know, the painting is in your mind’s eye. Brush in hand, palate splashed with delicious colour, we fail in the translation..

Fear not, Paint Your Dog will do it for you. Your prettiest girls and handsomest boys transformed. Sure you have hundreds of photos candid and posed with your dog, so how is a professionally digitised print or frame different? Through the eyes of an artist, a subjects personality and even energy leaps off the work and grabs your attention. Just like your dog does when it’s time for walkies.

The world has changed and travel for some of you may be difficult, loved ones not visited in a long time, well here’s your chance to send them some love. Get an artists impression of their Fido for a fun and memorable way to say “I can’t be with you right now, but I know you’ll enjoy this!”

Why we should immortalise our dogs

Art is history, it’s our present and our future. Your dog is your present and future. How many times have you looked at a photo of one of your pets who crossed over the rainbow bridge and smiled. It probably happened on a day when “everything went wrong” and out of nowhere, this lovely memory. Digital art, is our present and future. As the world changes cultural practices and beliefs adapt. Gone are the days of art being a prerogative of the ‘wealthy’ the beauty of our democratised world is that Paint My Dog is the future of art.

I send them a photo of my best friend and they create an imaginative impression. It’s pretty incredible how our dogs eyes convey so much of their personality which our artists love to work with. These are ideal low carbon footprint gifts and remembrances.

These are some of the super fun options you can gift your Canine Crazy family and friends!

Check out Paint My Furkids with their flash promo of 1 x digital artwork for $20 for basic style and $25 for all other styles.


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