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Huskies and Heatwave 2022

can huskies survive in India

Huskies and a Heatwave teach us that we are living through climate change in real time. It also surprisingly exposes our lack of knowledge of the pets we bring into our homes. These snow dogs with larger than life personalities are some of the most wonderful pets. But do they deserve to live in the tropics when they are bred for the tundra?

Maybe its the ‘wolf dog’ appearance and our primal brain wanting to recreate a man and beast scenario. They have magnetic eyes which entice even the most indifferent dog ‘people’ to admit this is one gorgeous breed! In any event, keeping a Husky as a pet is not the best choice for you or the dog. If you live in mostly icy conditions great get yourself yourself a Husky, if you live in India get yourself an Indie!

Can Huskies survive in India?

Huskies can and do survive in India. But surviving and thriving are not the same. We know what appears to be well and happy may not always be a true representation of good health and mental wellbeing. Good Husky management is not about setting them up in air conditioned room. What is the best Husky management you can practice in India? Do not buy one. You only encourage backyard breeders who are producing dogs on demand.

Locally & globally opt for Climate appropriate canines

What is the heat tolerance of a Husky?

Your Husky may experience heat exhaustion in temperatures about 32 degrees C. They are adaptable dogs but that does not mean we test the limits of their adaptability. Climate change is here to stay which means extremes of temperature, floods and unexpected weather patterns are expected. We caused climate change and cannot predict the future, but we can make sure we protect our pets. By choosing to adopt local or rescue and not encourage indiscriminate breeding we show ourselves to be responsible pet families.

Your Huskies in summer

Have Huskies lived traditionally lived through summer? In summer months in what is their native habitat. Summer does not look and feel the same across the globe. India is a tropical country, so it is a reasonable assumption that summer in India and Siberia a vastly different! There are numerous huskies in a heatwave across India who are as trapped as their humans.

Take common sense measures to make sure your dog (any breed ) is protected in a heat wave. Stay indoors at the hottest time of day. Walk them early morning and late evening. Ensure they stay off hot tar, their paw pads can easily singe. And of course keep yourself, your pets and the animals around you hydrated.

dog paws singed in a heat wave
This is a singed paw. Tar or asphalt heats up rapidly during a heat wave, it is advisable to walk your dogs early morning or late evening. If you have access to grass, lawn or earth all the better.

10 types of Huskies

  1. Siberian Husky
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. Alaskan Husky
  4. Samoyed American
  5. Eskimo Husky
  6. Chinook
  7. Labrador Husky
  8. Miniature Husky
  9. Greenland Dog
  10. American Klee Kai

Each type has a history, quirk and special characteristic. What’s in a name you say? A lot once you read the list, 5 out of 10 on this list are named after the brrrrrr cold climate they are bred to live in. None of these were ever bred to live in the tropics much less heatwaves!

Exceptions to the Rule

Rescue are the exception. huskies much like Jack Russell Terriers are one of those magnetic breeds. They are so well marketed by the media that families mistake them for easy to keep pets. Both breeds make wonderful loving family dogs, for a family that know what they are getting.

Smarter than the average person huskies and JRT’s may quickly overwhelm first time dog owners with their stubbornness and intelligence. It is important to carefully consider your families time commitment and ability with a dog before bringing one home.

Cover Photo by Greg Betanov: Pexels


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