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Pedigree Pet Food Recall

pedigree pet food
“Pedigree pet food recall” is an attention grabbing headline. India’s most trusted brand of dog food. We’ll call it dog feed not food.

Why does this Pedigree Pet food recall over excess Vitamin D matter?Poisoning by Vitamin D is rare. Pedigree has recalled foods out of an abundance of caution. Commercial foods take such a step because they receive a contaminated premix of Vitamin D from their supplier, or there are inconsistencies with the premix formula.

What is Vitamin D and why is it important for your dog?
Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin. This means an excess of it in your dog’s diet cannot be excreted through its urinary tract.
It assists in regulating calcium in the body. A build up of Vitamin D can cause an accumulation of calcium in the heart, soft tissue and muscles. A deficiency can cause rickets (bone dysfunction)

What are natural sources of Vitamin D for your dog?
The sun, let your dog spend as much time as possible in the sunlight. If this is not possible due to weather conditions or the dogs health a Vitamin D supplements are necessary. Natural sources of Vitamin D include milk, egg yolk or liver. If you do give your dog Vitamin D capsules please check with your vet (especially if your dog has kidney problems)

A week ago, Jan 13, 2021 Pedigree Pet Food made headlines as India’s most trusted brand of dog food.

Why does it matter to pet owners if Pedigree is recalled anywhere? A concerned pet owner must have information in its entirety to make the best decisions for your pets. Pedigree to many pet owners globally has become a colloquialism for kibble (dry pellet pet food). As consumers we’re prone to believe big brands are infallible. The size of a corporation does not determine the safety of its product.

Feeding your pets does not rely on packages, expiration dates and formulas. It must rely on real food, for the longevity of your pet.

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