Pet Care

Wheels for Pets and other Animals

Wheels for pets and other animals are not a distant dream.
They exist. When asked why we choose to work with an “expensive product.” It’s because the product speaks for itself, as does the founder who’s aim is to not see another animal suffer. A solid foundation and well designed product is why Walkin Wheels is preferred by numerous pet parents and facilities.

As veterinary care in India evolves we are able to offer better facilities, therapies and services to our animals. Better tools are an essential part of the service. Pet owners and animal welfare workers can access products to help them heal and better the lives of the animals in their care.
Look for these features on a wheelchair for dogs.

Frame: a sturdy frame, not too light. A light weight frame because it gives no stability to the dog or cat. Design matters, so ensure the wheels you choose allow your cat or dog to comfortably go around corners.

Choose a wheelchair which does not require you to lift a dog and place it in the wheelchair. Remember wheelchairs are used for injured animals. If you are required to lift the dog and place them in the wheelchair make sure it is a pleasant experience for your dog.
Wheels you choose for your pet must be sturdy as well as easy to use. You are your dog’s primary caregiver and care taker. If a rehabilitation aid is too complicated it makes exercising your dog difficult.

Never choose an ‘ultra light’ dog or cat wheelchair. Cheap materials and a light frame can injure your pet further. Wheels for pets and other animals are not only used to aid movement, they are also used to help exercise an animal.

Durability, wheels for your pets or shelter animals are an investment in their long term care. Ageing pets use a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. Shelters often have to share wheelchairs between patients. Therefore, the advantage of a wheelchair in their facility is to provide the care needed on site. Other animals such as goats, calves, and even ducks may benefit from the use of a wheelchair. The wheels may have to be modified in some cases. But they can be used to help these animals regain mobility.

Pets and other animals, large and small can benefit from the use of wheels. Always use and choose these devices with the help and advice of your vet or rehabilitation specialist. Once you’ve done the research and even if you are convinced the product is correct- always check with your vet.

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