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Why do we love Flat Faced Animals?

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Flat faced animals, we appear to have a morbid fascination with ‘flat nosed’ cats, dogs, rabbits and now horses! What drives our need to own and breed “cute smash faced” animals? Not trained or qualified to answer these questions rather, we’re here to address the serious health consequences these animals face and as a pet owner what should you do?

Do not encourage the deformed breeding of any animal – cat, dog, horse. These are vanity experiments which serve no purpose other than to entertain people.

Why do people buy a Flat Faced Animal?

Google searches for French Bulldogs went up by 130% in India alone in the past 3 months. It is horrifying to have a conversation with a “pet parent” who knowingly buys a French Bulldog, because they “Goolged it” and were confident they could handle the breed. What about the dog, its life and medical difficulties? And that is when education must begin. We aim to make aware these owners to be mindful of an animal’s health and welfare. Their access to medical facilities or funds is not the debate.

This is a terrifying and disheartening prospect to veterinarians, pet industry professionals and veterinary support staff. When profitability is put before welfare the result, as we see is an animal welfare horror story.

The need for compassionate pet owners cannot be over stated. We are at a point of pet ownership where we’ve moved far away from the welfare of the animals to the selfish “I want” of pet ownership. Pets have come to take on roles they were never meant to. They are now appendages, child substitutes, our furry best friends. They must fulfill a human need with little regard for the fact that they are still animals.

Why do we love Flat Faced Animals?
Translation of the video, please know that now matter where you live or what language you speak an animals needs are the same

Why do we love Flat Faced Animals?

Step into the pet parent mind set to understand this ‘love’ for flat faced animals. A conversation with one of them reveals “I love that they look like a baby.” “But look at them online, they seem happy!” These are the truths people fabricate to themselves to justify owning a deformed Persian cat or brachycephalic dog.

To put this in human terms- if you were to adopt or have a child would you want a happy healthy child? As a pet parent of a flat faced dog, you unintentionally choose a dog or cat with a body predisposed to health problems. They begin at a disadvantage and never really have a chance. So please use your time online and social media to help stop this not encourage it. The pandemic puppy boom means hundreds of thousands of these pets have been purchased across the world. The worst for all of them is yet to come.

Oliver’s Tip: We’ve been guilty of judging pet owners with Frenchies or Pugs – many are rescues – ask before you attack. In all likelihood they’re good samaritans doing the best they can for a discarded pet.


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