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Your Dog’s Silent Zen Zone

Golden Labrador Retriever

Create a Zen Zone for your pets. Dogs and cats like human beings need a safe quiet space to feel secure. You can create quick effective barriers to sound in your home. How does sound travel? It travels through vibration, and when it comes up against a barrier it’s intensity is reduced. Dampening devices are designed to reflect and absorb sound . These are typically methods used in professional recording studios or rooms that need to cancel out all outdoor sounds.

Sound proofing a room can be expensive may require a professional to come in and install noise cancelling windows or cladding, which lessen loud noises and keep your home quite. You can temporarily sound proof a room in your home quickly, and cheaply. These quick fixes are not going to make your home a Silent Zone, but they will help lessen the intensity for your pets.

How do sound waves work?

Diwali and noisy festivals are not a reason to break the bank when it comes to helping your pets deal with noise and firecrackers.

Sound proof a room quickly

The less surfaces sound has to bounce off the “softer’ it becomes. All of these materials are easy to access & install. They are also reusable & do not require you make any permanent changes to your home

For streeties and outdoor animals these are not practical solutions. Provide outdoor cats and dogs with boxes insulated with foam. The boxes may be cardboard with foam padding on the inside, these are cheap and easy to provide. The animals will learn quickly that it is a safe space for them to hide.

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