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Dog Anatomy- Quick Guide

Dog Anatomy – quick guide is a pocket guide to your dog’s skeleton.

Vets speak a language we must learn. It helps you to communicate better with your vet and care for your dog.
Here’s a scenario, your dog needs an X ray or a test, the vet hands you a prescription. You thank them, nod profusely while they are speaking and once you step out of the office are completely confused! You are not alone.

This super quick guide to veterinary terms is not a dog anatomy lesson, it is a quick guide to help you remember the key parts of your dog’s skeleton. The reason specific terms are used in medicine (veterinary or human) is to avoid confusion or mistakes when treating a patient.

Canine from the Latin Canis means dog. They are complex creatures with bones, muscles, tissues and organs. Each one like a human being performs a vital function. As a dog owner it is necessary to go over the dog anatomy guide. If your puppy or full grown dog injure themselves, and you need to give your vet details over the phone, details matter. Video consults and internet connections may falter, so your basic knowledge is important to get your dog efficient treatment.


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