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Elephant Guests

elephant behind cut out

“The Sri Lankan Hotel where an Elephant is a Guest.” A refreshing piece of news to encounter this morning. Read here about the charming Natta Kotta, who ambles along the halls of this Sri Lankan Hotel.

This is how to keep a “captive elephant”.
These intelligent, gentle creatures exploited for entertainment and profit .

Elephant guests, are often unwelcome and people resort to inhumane tactics like fireworks and loud noises.

Elephant management and care is an uncomplicated problem for experts on the job. India’s own Dr. Sarma is an inspiration and an example of how dedication and innovation can solve problems. Dr Sarma has been working for and with elephants his entire life. This are the dedicated individuals we tell our kids about. They learn humane methods of wildlife management.
It is imperative for us in the Indian context, with the number of human animal conflicts we have for our kids to have these heroes. These are the educators for tomorrows wildlife managers and care givers.

The state of Jharkhand leads the way, read here how they are the new elephant guest protectors.

The Jetwing Yala Hotel, teaches us how to care for a “captive” elephant. It is a pleasure to learn about about a happy elephant
guest not ferrying lazy tourists!

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