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20 Things to do for your Dog

20 Things to do for your dog in 2020. A new decade, new commitments and renewing old ones. Here’s a quick list for a 20 week challenge in 2020. How many can you get done for your dog?

Walk, Train, Groom and Socialise-
You’re saying hang on, number 9 is Ditch the Dog walker! Well, its not the same thing. Walking your dog, is a special you and your dog time. We’re not talking about the quick toilet breaks throughout the day. Ideally the morning walk should be walk time for you and your dog.

If you expect your dog to be a good dog, train your dog, take the time to teach them. Dogs behaviour and human behaviour are not the same. If we want dogs to be members of society and live by our rules, we must teach them the rules.

Groom your dog everyday, its good for their coat, and your bonding time.

Socialize and play, kind of overlap and are as important to your dog as food and water.
Think back to when you were a kid. Didn’t you love to play with your friends, isn’t that how you learned your social skills? To learn social skills, give your dog time with their own species , also give them, time with humans other than their human family pack.
Play time is a mind stimulator, if you do only 2 of the 20 Things to do for your Dog, let it be these two. Play time is also learning time for young dogs, they learn boundaries and limits, for instance a growl from an elder dog means stop.

Travel and exercise are two more must do’s! Hang one you say, how much time must I spend with my dog? A lot, we’ve bred canines to be social creatures and your dog loves spending time with you, taking part in your activities. Exercising with your dog is a win win all round beneficial health gain for you and your dog.

Take them to Work and track them with tech make numbers 6 and 7 on our 20 things to do for your dog in 2020. Watch an office come to life when a dog or cat walk into it, for instance, everyone smiles. Yeah, there will the “allergy” sufferers, but unless it is a serious medical condition, they’re ok. Nevertheless, its always polite to check ahead. Make sure your work place is ok with you taking a pet to work.
If you work for a stodgy place that does not want pets at work, or are out and about all day, making it impossible to take your pet with you. Here is a solution for you, track your pet with tech. Tech is now available to pet parents to keep their pets safe and entertained rivals toy availability for human kids!

Get your doggie and his doggie friends a first aid kit, a must have for humans and canines. Check out the basics of a first aid kit, here, and always protect yourself first when you administer first aid.

DITCH!! The three ditches, are important on The 20 things to do for your Dog in 2020 guide. Why? Because they’re an essential step on your pets path to being happy healthy animals. Packaged pet food, is filler not food, and ditch the dog walker. If there is no family member available to take your dog for a walk, or a quick toilet break through out the day, invest in a dog walker. However, we cannot stress too strongly how important it is to have a competent dog walker.
Raw Hide is a killer, so please ditch raw hide. We speak from experience not “googling it”!! Don’t put yourself or your dog in harms way.

Walking buddies and poo pick up or retrieval are integral parts of a dog owners life. Walking buddies are the best because, well, its fun!
Poo, yeah, smelly subject, but don’t turn your nose up at it, we have Poo Solutions for you!

Learning tricks with your dog, are fun for the pooch, and great mental stimulation. Puzzling solving and trick learning, give your pup a sense of accomplishment. On your list of 20 things to do for your dog in 2020, maybe learn 20 new tricks?

If your choose to make your dog a therapy pup, we cannot stress too strongly, do this through trained professionals only. Therapy dogs and therapists are trained professionals. Untrained dogs and individuals are a danger to themselves and the recipients of this faux “therapy”

Napping and chasing cats, have to be the clear winners on our 20 things to do list. We expect cat people to hiss at us, and we’ll bark back!

So go ahead, start your 2020 off, with 20 Things to Do for your Dog and tell us how you’re doing. Sign up to make this the best decade for you and your dog!


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