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Hill’s Pet Expands Food Recall

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It’s ironic that a food, human or animal where the word ‘prescription’ appears in its name should face a recall. A Prescription conjures an image of medical professionals in white coats, human and animal, writing up barely readable lists of meds. Of the 19 foods on this recall list, 11 are Prescription diet food. As pet parents, we rely, often, with blind faith on companies, to produce foods and products that are safe for our pets.
As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure you give your “fur babies” the safest products in the market.

Consumers are easily swayed by good marketing. However, good marketing can only go so far, if the product behind the marketing is not up to standard. So, if the largest, or second largest pet food producers in the world tell you their foods are the best. Analyse for your self, do they have the best marketing agencies or the best food?

Educate yourself on the possible illnesses your dogs may contract from pet food. IBD in dogs is not uncommon. It may be brought on by “Food allergies – familiar food sources linked to IBD include meat proteins, additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, and wheat (gluten).”
Our friends at Dog Advisor, have an extensive article for you to get your facts on canine IBD.

We’re here to help you, please read the article attached. The list of recalled foods is long, make sure your dog or cat is not affected by the recall. Look at the list below, each name marked in yellow is a Prescription Diet food. Dr. Susan Thixton’s in depth article on the recall is attached here for you.

Hill's pet food recall and canine IBD learn the facts
Hill’s Prescription Pet Food Recall

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