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The Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos are strong, loyal, and protective dogs. But there are a few reasons why some people may choose not to buy this particular breed or have them as pets. It is important to note that individual preferences and circumstances may vary. Not all of these reasons may apply to everyone. Begin with these potential considerations:

  1. Size and exercise requirements: Dogo Argentinos are large, powerful dogs that require a significant amount of exercise to stay physically and mentally stimulated. Their size alone can make them challenging to handle, especially for first-time dog owners or those with limited physical strength.
  2. High energy levels: Dogo Argentinos have high energy levels. If their exercise needs are not met, they may become bored and potentially develop destructive behaviors or become overly restless. Ensuring they have enough physical activity and mental stimulation is crucial for their well-being.
  3. Training and socialization needs: Due to their protective nature, Dogo Argentinos require consistent training and early socialization. This is to become well-behaved and well-adjusted dogs. This breed may not be suitable for owners unwilling or unable to invest time and effort into training and socializing their dog.
  4. Strong prey drive: Dogo Argentinos have a strong prey drive. Which means they may have a heightened instinct to chase and potentially harm smaller animals. This characteristic can pose challenges if you have other small pets, such as cats or rabbits. It may be a concern if you live in an area with abundant wildlife.
  5. Potential aggression: While Dogo Argentinos can be affectionate and gentle with their family members with proper training and socialization. Though there are reported instances of aggression in some individual cases. Responsible ownership, early socialization, and proper training are essential to minimize the risk of aggressive behavior.
  6. Legal restrictions: In some countries or regions, there may be legal restrictions on owning certain breeds, including Dogo Argentinos. It is important to check local regulations. Ensure that you can legally own this breed in your area before considering a purchase or adoption.
Dogo Argentino breed

Why were Dogo Argentionos Bred?

Dogo Argentinos, also known as Argentine Mastiffs, were originally bred in Argentina in the early 20th century by a physician named Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. The breed was specifically developed for a particular purpose and possessed certain desired traits.

  1. Hunting: The primary purpose behind the breeding of Dogo Argentinos was to create a versatile hunting dog. Therefore they are capable of tracking, capturing, and holding large game, particularly wild boar and puma. Dr. Nores Martinez wanted to create a dog that could work in a pack, assist hunters in various terrains, and possess the strength, stamina, and courage to take down dangerous game.
  2. Guardian and protector: In addition to their hunting abilities, Dogo Argentinos were also bred to be loyal and protective guardians. Dr. Nores Martinez aimed to develop a breed that was not only capable of hunting but also served as a reliable and formidable protector of the home and family. They are loyal, fearless, and possess strong protective instincts.
  3. Temperament and compatibility: The breeders of Dogo Argentinos aimed to create a dog with a stable and balanced temperament. They wanted the dogs to be able to work closely with their human handlers and be compatible with family life. A well-bred Dogo Argentino should exhibit loyalty, affection, and a strong bond with their owners while also being able to differentiate between friend and foe.
  4. Physical characteristics: Dogo Argentinos were selectively bred to have certain physical attributes that were desirable for their intended purposes. They have a strong, muscular build with a broad chest, powerful jaws, and a white coat that allows for easy visibility during hunts. These physical traits contribute to their strength, agility, and overall hunting prowess.
Breed Specific behaviours

It’s important to note that while Dogo Argentinos were originally bred for specific purposes, individual dogs may exhibit variations in temperament and behavior. Responsible breeding practices and proper training and socialization are crucial in shaping a well-rounded dog.

How strong is a Dogo Argentino?

Dogo Argentinos are a strong and powerful breed of dog. As hunting dogs they have strength, endurance, and athleticism to fulfil their original purpose as hunting and working dogs.

Here are some factors that contribute to their strength:

  1. Muscular build: Dogo Argentinos have a well-developed, muscular body. They have a broad chest, strong legs, and a sturdy frame, which allows them to generate significant power and leverage.
  2. Bite force: While precise measurements of bite force can vary among individual dogs, Dogo Argentinos generally have a strong bite. Their jaws are powerful and capable of exerting substantial pressure when needed, which can be advantageous in hunting or protective situations.
  3. Agility and athleticism: Dogo Argentinos are known for their agility and athleticism. They possess speed, agility, and the ability to make quick turns and changes in direction. Their physical strength enables them to move efficiently and navigate various terrains with ease.
  4. Endurance: Dogo Argentinos have good endurance, enabling them to engage in physically demanding activities for extended periods. This stamina allows them to track and pursue game over long distances, making them suitable for hunting purposes.
  5. Pulling power: Dogo Argentinos have the physical strength and pulling power to handle tasks such as pulling sleds or carts when properly trained and conditioned.

Think about how strong your pet will be!

It’s important to note that while Dogo Argentinos are indeed strong,. Respect and harness their strength through proper training, socialization, and responsible ownership. Regular exercise, mental stimulation, and providing outlets for their energy are essential to maintain their overall well-being. It prevents behavioral issues that may arise from pent-up strength and energy.

How much does a Dogo Argentino eat?

The amount of food a Dogo Argentino consumes can vary depending on several factors. These include their age, size, metabolism, activity level, and overall health. As a large and athletic breed, Dogo Argentinos generally require a substantial amount of high-quality nutrition to support their energy needs. Here are some general guidelines regarding their feeding:

  1. Age: Puppies require more frequent meals and a diet specifically formulated for their growth and development. They usually start with four meals a day and gradually transition to three meals as they get older. Adult Dogo Argentinos typically eat two meals a day.
  2. Portion size: The exact portion size can vary based on the specific dog’s needs. It’s best to follow the feeding guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your chosen dog food brand. These guidelines often take into account the dog’s weight and activity level.
  3. Quality of food: It’s essential to feed Dogo Argentinos a balanced diet that meets their nutritional requirements. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate type of dog food (dry, wet, or raw). If you choose ready food make sure it is a reputable brand that provides the necessary nutrients for your dog’s health.
  4. Monitoring weight: Regularly monitor your Dogo Argentino’s weight and body condition to ensure they are neither underweight nor overweight. Adjust the portion sizes accordingly to maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity-related health issues.
  5. Treats and snacks: Be mindful of the treats and snacks you give your Dogo Argentino. While occasional treats can be a part of their diet, excessive or unhealthy treats can contribute to weight gain. Choose nutritious and appropriately sized treats.
Food and vet care costs

All dogs have individual and unique dietary needs or health conditions that require specific feeding instructions. Always consult with a veterinarian who can provide personalized guidance based on your dog’s age, size, and health status.

Is the Dogo Argentino a family dog ?

Dogo Argentinos can make excellent family dogs when properly trained, socialized, and given the attention and care they require. Here are some factors to consider when determining if a Dogo Argentino is suitable for your family:

  1. Temperament: Dogo Argentinos are known for their loyalty, affection, and protective nature. With proper socialization from a young age, they can be friendly and gentle with family members, including children. However, like any breed, individual temperaments can vary, so it’s important to choose a dog with a stable and well-rounded temperament.
  2. Training and socialization: Early training and consistent socialization are crucial for Dogo Argentinos to become well-behaved family dogs. They need to be taught appropriate behaviors, obedience commands, and how to interact with different people, animals, and environments. Proper training and socialization help them understand boundaries, become more adaptable, and reduce the likelihood of behavioral issues.
  3. Supervision and compatibility: Due to their size and strength, it’s important to supervise interactions between a Dogo Argentino and young children. This ensures everyone’s safety. Children should be taught how to properly interact with the dog, and the dog should always be treated with respect and kindness. It’s also important to assess compatibility between the dog and any existing pets in the household.
  4. Exercise and mental stimulation: Dogo Argentinos have high energy levels and require regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and potential destructive behaviors. They benefit from daily walks, playtime, and engaging activities to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.
  5. Space requirements: Dogo Argentinos are large dogs and generally require ample space to move and thrive. While they can adapt to different living situations, such as apartments, they still need regular opportunities for exercise and should have enough room to feel comfortable in their living environment.
doggo argentino

Consider these factors before bringing a dog home:

  • the dog’s individual temperament,
  • training,
  • socialization, and
  • a family’s ability to meet their needs

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, before deciding to bring any dog into your home, thoroughly research the breed. Assess your capability as a dog owner, and consider your family’s needs and preferences. It’s advisable to consult with reputable breeders, trainers, or veterinarians who have experience with Dogo Argentinos to gather more information and make an informed decision. This is essential for your dogs wellbeing and your family’s safety.


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