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Walking Harnesses for Dog and Cat rehabilitation

rear harness for male dogs

The Walking Harness is the perfect aid for rehabilitation of the dog’s or cat’s hind legs. It is a padded, adjustable, ventilated step-in harness that fits snugly and comfortably around your pet’s rear legs and hips.

What is the design of a lift harness for dogs and cats?

The Walking Harness has two handles, one on the back and one on the chest, that allow you to support your pet. The handles are adjustable as well as removable. The Walking Harness also has a padded, adjustable leash ring that is Are you looking for an aid to help with your pet’s rehabilitation? The Walking Harness is the perfect solution! This padded, adjustable, ventilated (so there is no fear of skin rashes) step-in harness fits snugly (easy to wear) and comfortably around your pet’s hips (to give the support they need).

It has two handles, one on the back and one on the chest that allow you to support your pet while they walk or exercise. Additionally, the Walking Harness has a padded, adjustable leash, to help you adjust it to your height and comfort when walking your dog or cat.

How will my cat or dog ‘wear’ the harness?

Imagine putting on a pair of trousers or making a baby wear a pull up diaper.

Can my dog pee and poo with a Lift Harness?

Yes, the harness design is simple and comfortable so your cat or dog can easily use the harness. It is designed to ensure they can ‘pee and poo’ while on their walk.

For older dogs you may have to be more patient until they realise the harness is there to support them.

What conditions can a walking harness help?

A puppy or kitten with a birth defect that causes weakness in the limbs or spine. An animal with muscle weakness, paralysis or neurological problems. Some vets prescribe a lift harness as a post surgical aid.

There are many options for physical rehabilitation and therapy for pets. Your vet may carry out certain therapies or procedures. For other therapies you may have to visit a licensed veterinary technician or a licensed physical therapist in collaboration with your veterinarian.

Why does your pet need a lift harness?

Pet rehab is available to animals with injuries and other conditions that can help them recover more fully. Use a rehab aid only with the advice of your vet or therapist. To choose a walking harnesses for Dog and Cat rehabilitation especially for ageing pets knowing the cause of immobility or reduced mobility.

  • Is the need age related? General weakness in the muscles or body
  • Dogs of certain breeds such as German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers are prone to hip disorders. Of course, not all will become paralysed, but they may require assistance.
  • Buying a dog harness for paralysed back legs can be of more harm to your dog, or cat if you do not know the reason for the paralyses.

In Conclusion

Your pets old and young can benefit from a sturdy well designed harness. We have a plethora of information and it can easily become overwhelming to choose a product. However, if you take your time, consult professionals and ignore unverified testimonials and non medical advice. Especially when choosing a therapy such as hydrotherapy, swimming and hydrotherapy are vastly different. Any responsible shop online or offline dealing with veterinary aids will always advise you to use these products on the advice of a professional.


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