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Listen to the nut job in your life

hound dog
Listen to the nut job in your life. It turns out the nuts were right all along.

“Please do not ride captive elephants” we pleaded, “oh, they’re well cared for” you said.

“Please stop feeding the monkeys at tourist attractions” we yelled, “they’re having fun lighten up” you yelled back.

“Zoos are cruel we ranted”, “they’re educational centers” you raved back.

“Stop the selfies” we implored, “its fun” you said, “who are we harming?”

Every animal at every tourist attraction and center of entertainment is sitting, standing, waiting for a tourist to stop by with food. They no longer hunt, forage or feed themselves. Zoo keepers and staff, the decent ones isolate with their animals and care for them. The rest of the animals are locked, alone and hungry.

The selfies won’t feed them, hashtags won’t save them.

The nut job who breaks lock down to get to them will show up, clean up, and step up.

Hug the nut job in your life.


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